Trout & Tomatoes with Zingerman’s Food Tours

Trout & Tomatoes with Zingerman’s Food Tours

Guest post by Kristie Brablec, Managing Partner at Zingerman’s Food Tours

Hello friends,

Wanderlust took Zingerman’s Food Tours somewhere new this month – it took us home.

Instead of boarding a plane, Chef Kieron of Zingerman’s Cornman Farms and I felt inspired to celebrate what’s happening in our own backyard. Specifically, we were drawn to explore the natural beauty and bounty of Dexter, Michigan.

Twelve guests joined us for a gorgeous day full of, according to Ari, “Travel, trout, tomatoes, and Tamchop. Kieron, Kristie, camaraderie, and cooking. A little bit of travel, a lot of beauty, a healthy dose of learning, a nice sense of community, and a truly terrific day of food touring.”

After a light breakfast at Zingerman’s Cornman Farms, we started the day at Dexter’s Spring Valley Trout Farm where caught over 35 lbs of fresh brown and rainbow trout, one catfish and one sunfish, all in an hour and a half! From there, we followed Chef Kieron back to the farm for a summer lunch and for a tour of Tamchop Farms, where Tammie Gilfoyle of treated us to a glimpse of the incredible heirloom tomato varieties she’s growing on the Cornman Farms property.

From there, we joined Chef Kieron in the kitchen to learn five different ways to cook and prepare the trout we caught: sous vide, confit, sauteed, grilled, and smoked. Sean Hartwig, a cheesemonger from Zingerman’s Deli, stopped by to give us a lesson in making fresh mozzarella, too!

We ended the day the best way we know-how over a beautiful meal and intimate conversation.

Click here for Chef Kieron’s recipes on how to prepare trout four ways!

We hope you join us next time!

Until then,

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Photos by Marina Goldi