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Field Notes: Further Afield

By Laura Giles

Mid-summer greetings from Cornman Farms! I hope that this July finds you out enjoying the gorgeous Michigan weather we’ve been having.  Perfectly timed rain and cool nights have extended the Spring garden and I’ve delighted in being outside planting and plotting for the season ahead.

July is a busy month of the year with much to do outside in the gardens and fields. Staking plants, weeding, and deadheading can be necessary in this month and it is a good idea to pace these activities throughout the weeks and not try to tackle it all at once (think aching back!). This month is also a good time to topdress your garden beds with compost. This rich additive not only helps conserve moisture to your plant roots but also adds many beneficial nutrients back into your soil. I like to make my own compost since I can control exactly what goes into it. It is also an extremely satisfying experience to see the process!  Besides working in our own gardens, I recommend visiting other gardens for inspiration!

I recently returned from a three week trip visiting my daughter and her husband and our new grandchild, Peter Andrew, in Glasgow, Scotland. What a beautiful country Scotland is, and what kind and welcoming people are the Scots! While there, I had the opportunity to spend time in a beautiful National Trust location called Pollok Park. This amazing property reflected so much calm beauty and history and it was a delight to spend time wandering around the gardens and greenhouses.  A must-see location if you find yourself visiting Glasgow! Here are some photos from my travels…

Pollok Park Gardens

Of course, the most beautiful flower that I saw…

Back here at the Farm, we’ve been busy rolling out our new Chef’s Gardens and our bee-friendly farm meadow.  Work continues to happen on the grounds and we are happy to be partnering with local businesses and gardeners to achieve this beauty. The Chef’s Garden will feature a live willow fencing, this process will take a few years to really achieve maturity but we are amazed at how quickly these willow cuttings have rooted. Willow fencing is a popular garden addition in Europe and the U.K. and Chef Kieron Hales, owner and managing partner of Cornman Farms wanted to bring that here to the Farm. We are thrilled with the progress so far and can’t wait to see this fence in all its glory!

Thanks for reading along this month! Please check out our website for our 2nd Annual Farm Festival Day on July 23rd. We still have some tickets available. We hope to see you out at the Farm soon!

Sunshine and warm breezes,